Return & Refund Policy

Refund policy

Customer is never responsible for any unexpected events that can occur during shipping or with the product and takes full responsibility of any extra costs associated with shipping time, missing packages, damaged packages etc.

If the item has not been received at Your local post office in 45 days after the item has been shipped out then we make a full refund (including shipping cost) or send out a new item according to what customer prefers.

If the item is received at Your local post office between 31 days to 45 days then we refund customer 25% of the price+shipping back as a compensation for the late delivery.


Return policy

As a customer friendly shop we accept returns within 14 days after You have received the item in case You are unsatisfied with the product bought on our shop.

Our policy is that in a case of return there are no questions asked from our side except for these two simple things:

1) Gauge/product should be undamaged*;

2) Item should be sent back with its complete set (including package)*;

*You can be sure that we won't pay attention to little things just to refuse accepting a return. That is not our shop's policy. Our shop's policy is that every customer is a satisfied customer.