Hygrometer Testo 605-H1
Hygrometer Testo 605-H1

Hygrometer Testo 605-H1

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€ 146.85 EUR

The thermohygrometer you can bend. Small, compact and accurate. The long-term stable sensor guarantees correct measurement results even after years.

Dewpoint calculation from -20 to +50 °Ctd
Long-term stable Testo humidity sensor
Ideal for measurements in ducts
Display can be angled for easy readout of measurement values
Air moisture, air temperature and dew point

Weight: 75 g
Dimensions: 180 x 37 x 36 mm

Probe - NTC
Meas. range: 0...+50°C
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Resolution: 0.1°C

Probe - humid. sensor, cap.
Meas. Range: +5...+95%RH
Accuracy: ±3%RH
Resolution: 0.1%RH